commercial roof cleaning

You may enjoy the progression from one season to another, but your roof may suffer. Heat, rainfall, snowfall, and heavy winds may create the ideal settings for mold and fungi to develop.

Algae, moss, mildew, and lichen can develop on your shingles and tear of the roofing membranes or loosen shingles in some cases. This generates an ideal setting for a pool and water to eventually gather in your house’s interior.

So what is the ideal frequency for cleaning up your roof?

This is a solid question but tricky to answer. The frequency of cleaning your roof is based on different factors that influence the state of your roof. We’ll briefly mention these variables so you will be able to tell if your roof needs cleaning or not (yet). Firstly, we are going to discuss how to safely and efficiently clean your roof so let jump right in!

How To Clean Your Roof Properly

Above anything else, any reputable commercial roofing company will suggest that you don’t jump on the roof yourself as it is incredibly dangerous. We’ve witnessed many major accidents and injuries of people that were not careful or skilled enough to move around the roof securely.

It’s hazardous because fungi and moss or humidity can make the surface of the roof very slippery.
Now let’s determine how often you should get your roof professionally cleaned.

Factors That Influence Your Roof’s State

There are two key culprits of contaminated and moss-infected roofs:

1. Excessive humidity encourages the development of fungi, moss, and bacteria.
2. Fundamental damage that enables water to flow under your shingles or tiles not exposed to the sun. Note: When there is impairment, we typically suggest our repair solutions before cleaning up your roof.

1. Strong Rainfall

Water collection on your roof from heavy rainfalls generates the ideal humidity settings for moss, fungi, and germs to grow. Following super rainy winters, you will find that there is much more fungi and moss accumulation on your roof than expected.

The amount of rainfall that hits your roof has a major impact on the cleaning frequency of your roof.
If you are still unsure on whether your roof could benefit from some cleaning or not, you should hire a professional to clean it. Feel free to call us for a free check and quote.

2. Too Much Shading

Many homes are frequented beneath the shade of big trees. Trees are a great natural sight and they certainly help control the summer heat and raise the value of your property. Sadly, they can also prevent any humidity from escaping your roof.

If your roof is exposed to a covered area, you’ll most likely need a professional roof check and cleaning job on a regular basis.

3. Fallen Leaves And Extra Debris

If you find that leaves or other types of debris and dirt pile up on your roof, this is a sign that you need to perform roof cleanings more often. Here is the reason why:

When leaves fall and pile up on your roof, they also enclose humidity and that is the perfect breeding ground for fungi, germs, and moss, which may even lead to the formation of leaks. As we already realize, too much humidity is bad news for our roofs.

4. Other Reasons

There are several other factors that affect the frequency of cleaning and possibly maintaining your roof. Here are some:

  • Heavy snowfall that piles up on your roof for a good amount of time
  • A fierce wind or hail storm that may have destroyed your roof tiles, shingles, and shakes
  • Strike to your roof from a fallen tree trunk or branch
  • Any moment you see leaking, or lost shingles or other similar indicators of impairment.
How Frequently Should You Clean Up Your Roof?