damages commercial metal roof

The majority of people nowadays don’t spare too much energy and time taking care of their roofs. It’s just something given that they ignore. However, ignoring the needs of your roof can lead to major issues in your business and result in expensive fixing work. So how can you tell if you need a roof replacement? Watch out for the following warning indicators.

1.Your Roof’s Age is Old

In most cases, roofs have a lifespan of 20-25 years. When the roof approaches its expiry time, you may begin to notice some minor problems e.g a couple of shingles missing, bending, or black patches on the roof’s surface. If your roof’s age is old and you are noticing a few minor problems already, you better have it checked professionally as soon as possible to find out how much longer it will last.

2. You notice black/dark patches On The Roof’s Surface

Darker patches typically occur when granules start to slide off shingles. This is a sign that your shingles are old and outworn and should be changed ASAP. Dark spots may also be a sign of debris and moss accumulation on the surface of your roof, which should also be cleared promptly.

3. You Notice Shingles Missing

This may be a result of a hailstorm attack, or it may be a sign that your roof has passed its peak lifespan. When shingles looser and pop off, the surface is uncovered and this often results in roof leakage.

4. You Are Observing Signs of Water Leakage In Your House/Loft

If you notice some liquid leakage into the various home or loft spots, it’s highly likely that your shingle’s undercover is insufficient or your roof’s flashing has weakened. Mold, debris, and dust can occur from inadequate roof airing and can also cause various health issues and expensive repairing work.

If you notice any water spots on your loft or ceiling, it would be wise to contact a roofing expert as soon as you can to determine the culprit of the issue and repair it.

5. You notice Sand Or Granules Along Your Driveway

If there are gutters in your house, they can reveal any initial roof issues if you know how and which areas to check. In case the roof shingles have deteriorated or past their peak lifespan, they will begin to loosen the granule layer that helps guard your house. These granules can then get into your house’s gutters and ultimately end up in your garden or drive path.

If you notice any granules outside, it’s best to contact a roofing expert right away. When these are missing, your roof’s power to guard your house’s structure will decrease dramatically.

6. Shingles Coming Out/ Revealed Nail Heads

If you see any nails coming off their place, the spots and holes surrounding the nails are exposed to water entering through and this may result in leakage inside the roof. The impairment caused by water may leave you with no other option than to replace your roof much sooner than estimated.

7. Roof Shingles Look Weird

Damaged shingles or shingles that are past the end of their functional life, will begin to bend, break or blister. However, this is tricky to spot from the ground floor of your house. If the shingles are ruined, you may begin to realize that your roof looks strange. Some spots may look much more weirdly textured than others. The roof may even appear pitted from the ground level. In any case, if you notice any of these warning indicators, you should contact an expert roofer immediately.

8. Your Roof Is Wilting

A wilting/droopy roof may indicate various problems: your roof may have lost its strength or got damaged; it may have been set-up poorly, or it might hold up too much burden e.g leaves, snow, ice. etc. In any case, roof drooping is a clear indicator that you need to get a new roof or it may fall apart.

9. There is Flashing Missing

Flashing is installed around the protrusions that link to your roof e.g. your chimney. If the flashing surrounding these connections is shattered or ruined, water can easily penetrate your house.

10. Rise In Temperature Utility Costs

A rise in temperature adjusting bills e.g. heating may cause several roofing problems. Initially, water in your loft coming from a leak can damage your insulation fast. The damaged insulation may result in heat waste during the cold winter season or cool air escaping during the warm summer season. This issue will certainly shoot up your electricity bill if unresolved. Additionally, it may be a sign that your house has air passing through the attic or a damaged and dripping roof that allows improper air circulation.

10 Major Indicators Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced