gutter on asphalt roof with leafs inside

Do your gutters seem to clog up frequently? That is a common issue that home and commercial property owners have to face and this isn’t something that you should tolerate.

Blocked gutters can result in spilling over water, leakage, and deterioration to the interior and exterior of your property. If left untreated, this could escalate to an ice dam during the winter season.

Keep reading the rest of this report for 5 handy methods to prevent blocked gutters from getting worse:

Make Sure Your Trees Are Trimmed

Trees may look great around your space, but they are not so beneficial for your gutters. Trees that range over or grow very close to your roof and chimney, can produce a lot of fall out e.g. twigs or leaves, especially during fall time. Once they fall, they can get into the gutters and prevent water from flowing freely through. The issue gradually worsens when the leaves are saturated with moisture and produce a thick hurdle.

Use Leaf Guards

For sure, there is a good way to prevent these leaves from sneaking into your gutters. Leaf guards can be used to filter out the leaves and other accumulated dirt before they get into the gutters, letting water pass through. However, it’s best to seek the advice of an expert before you decide to use leaf guards. There are some types that do not work as expected and may even let extra debris and moss develop around the gutters.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned By An Expert

Having your gutters in a clear and immaculate condition yourself is tricky and it’s something we don’t suggest doing without the proper knowledge and training. By using professional gutter cleaning services you will keep your gutters in a tip-top condition minus the fuss. Whether you own a home or a commercial property, professional gutter clearing is a guaranteed way to prevent costly gutter blockages in the long run.

Frequent Checks

Cracks or damage to your gutters can raise the odds of blockage. Even the tiniest crack can accumulate debris and let it pile-up quickly. The fix? Get your gutters professionally checked to make sure they are in good functional condition. A professional inspection will find any problems and solve them before they escalate into something major. It will also detect any problems with your roofing e.g. loose tiles that could also lead to further gutter damage.

Link Better Quality Gutters

Even with precautionary actions, you may realize that gutter blockage is still an issue for you. This could be a sign that your gutters have been installed poorly. Improperly installed gutters can worsen clogging problems, increase the pile-up of dirt and debris in certain spots. If this is the case, considering replacing your old dysfunctional gutter system with a new one. This will cost you but consider it as a great investment as it will save you money and time on repeat fixes in the long-run.

5 Easy Ways To Stop Gutter Blockage